Set in the Baia del Sole

Alassio offers the opportunity to enjoy the Ligurian Sea but also social life and fun. The Alassio beach stretches for about 4 km and connects with the neighboring village of Laigueglia. The sand is very fine and has an very shallow water near the shore which is suitable for tourists of all ages.

The famous “budello” (gut) that runs through the center is now considered the longest shopping center in Europe (about 2 km) full of shops, boutiques and restaurants for all tastes and budgets.You can also find ice creams, granita, the famous kisses of Alassio and the typical Ligurian focaccia.

In addition to the quaint old town and the "gut" with its very popular shops, in Alassio you can admire:

  • the Church of Sant’Ambrogio, built in the eleventh century and partly rebuilt in the seventeenth century, which houses precious works by great Ligurian masters;
  • the marina, located to the east of the city protected by a long pier and awarded the “Blue Flag of Europe” since 2006 for the quality of its services. A characteristic votive chapel dominates the view of the port.
  • the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, dating back to the XIII century, which underwent numerous renovations in the past centuries;
  • the famous Muretto di Alassio, with over 550 tiles signed by VIP’s; Alassio was loved by Ernest Hemingway and owes the initiation of the famous Muretto to the American writer. It was indeed Hemingway who first placed his own signature and who, together with the painter Mario Berrino, created this sort of exhibition of tiles signed by famous people who passed by Alassio. Tradition reached up to the present day and that has made Alassio the “City of the Muretto”.
  • the San Giovanni Bosco Museum of Natural Sciences, where many fossils and reconstructions of prehistoric animals are preserved;
  • the Levi Art Gallery at Palazzo Morteo, with 22 works by Carlo Levi (1902-1975), Turin-born writer-painter who had chosen Alassio as a summer residence.
  • the Church of Santa Croce, located along the ancient route of the Roman road and built in the eleventh century by the Benedictine monks. The stone building was built on the rock and it is still possible today to admire the remains of the original perimeter walls.
  • the West Gallery with the works of the painter Richard Whateley West (1848-1905), who lived in Alassio starting in 1888 and drew inspiration for his works from the light and dreamy landscapes of the Ligurian coast. The building is also home to the English Library, one of the most important libraries in English in Italy.
  • the Gardens of Pergola, beautiful / unique which are truly amazing can be visited during the weekends.

There are also innumerable naturalistic beauties of the entire Baia del Sole, such as beaches and promontories overlooking the sea, from which you can enjoy a spectacular panorama. Even the walks around Alassio are among the most interesting on the Riviera for their natural features and their history: you can walk the Roman road, embellished by the wrought iron works of Ferdinando Bassani, to reach the Capo Santa Croce and from there continue towards Albenga along the archaeological walk, following the footsteps of the ancient Romans.

Or you can climb to the village of Solva, where the fifteenth-century church of the Santissima Annunziata preserves interesting frescoes that illustrate to the faithful the pains of hell and the seven deadly sins. Higher still on Mount Tirasso, the seventeenth-century Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia (built in 1200 on the remains of a medieval castrum, in turn built on a Roman statio) and full of votive offer of sailors in the area, the best known and important Marian sanctuary in the whole of Liguria.

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