Dog Friendly

Always by your side

BaBa Residences has always been dog friendly but we ask our guests to follow fairly simple rules:

  • Our structure is organized to accommodate a maximum of 2 dogs for each apartment
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended in the apartment and we ask that you limit your dog’s barking to a minimum.
  • We ask our guests to always carry bags and a leash with them (should the need arise).

We have an 8-hectare holiday park where dogs can safely walk with their owner, a paid beach with 40 dog friendly spots and an authorized free beach where you can take dogs for a swim.

A few meters from the residences you can find a fenced area where you can run your dog. Both of our restaurants are dog friendly.

The most animal friendly structure in Italy

Dogs are welcome here even if we ask you to respect some fairly obvious rules. Dogs must be kept on a leash if they have the habit of walking away and the owner must always have a plastic bag with them.

All the attention they deserve

BaBa Beach, located 100 m from the Residences, is considered the best dog friendly beach in Liguria. There are different solutions depending on the preferences of our guests: wooden terraces equipped with water sprayers to cool 4-legged friends or beds and poufs by the sea.

The price list can be easily viewed on the baBa beach website. For Baba Residences customers there is an important discount.

Welcome pack

  • Welcome lunch / dinner pack by FoodforDogs
  • Snack Tasty Pet
  • Quilt on the bed to make the pet stay more comfortable
  • Steel bowl


  • Dog Friendly

    Dog Friendly

    The residences are completely dog-friendly

    You can enjoy an entire holiday without ever leaving your 4-legged friend!

    In the apartment, at the restaurant and on the beach always together! Monti e Mare Resort has an 80,000 m2 park for walking your dogs.

    To let them play and run safely we have created a fenced dog area just 50 meters from the apartments.

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  • Restaurants

    Ligurian flavors revisited, in the heart of the Alassian nature

    Inside the structure the AQUA restaurant open only for dinner with the possibility of booking half board at an exclusive price for our customers of the residence.

    On the beach you will find the BaBa Beach Restaurant an elegant and romantic window on the open sea for both lunch and dinner.

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  • Beach

    The Baba beach beach is located only 100 meters from BaBa Residences

    The beach is not included in the price. It offers both Dog friendly and Human Friendly stations. BaBa Beach offers our customers (for bookings of at least 5 days) a Discount Voucher that can be spent in restaurant and bar services.

    Reachable on foot via an underpass of steps in just 5 minutes, you will find a staff ready to welcome you. You can book your seats directly online!

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  • BaBa Glamping

    Located close to BaBa Beach, our structure will surprise you

    BaBa Glamping, with its 80,000 sqm of park, offers ample possibilities to those who want a tent pitch.

    All pitches have free access to electricity and are equipped with 2 comfortable armchairs and a table. You will find a common sink nearby.

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