Ancient villages

and places not to be missed

Inland ancient villages

to visit The most beautiful villages are those of the Ligurian hinterland and you will be amazed by the beauty and lack of tourists .Often you will be the only tourists and you will wonder why!

  • CastelVecchio (Sv)
  • Castellbianco (Sv)
  • Zuccarello (Sv)
  • Borgio Verezzi Sv)
  • FinalBorgo (Sv)

Small villages on the sea

  • Varigotti (Sv)
  • Laigueglia (Sv)
  • Cervo (Im)

The Caves of Toirano

Just 10 km from us are absolutely worth visiting. They are open to the public since 1953, a wonderful attraction for the whole family. Discount voucher at the reception on the ticket purchase price. We recommend visiting during rainy or bad weather.

The Caves of Borgio Verezzi

Worthy of note also the caves of Borgio Verezzi were discovered in 1933 by three boys, but nobody realized the extent of the discovery until 1951 when a speleologist began the systematic exploration of the cave and then realized the current tourist route inaugurated in 1970. This route runs for 800 meters inside large rooms. Thanks to the presence of various minerals of many different shades (white, yellow, red), these caves are the most colorful in Italy. You can get there along the Via Aurelia up to Pietra Ligure and then following the signs for the caves (about 10 km).

  • Alassio

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